• Burrata, Peach and Tomato Salad
    Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with a delicious and refreshing salad. This tomato, burrata, and peach salad is the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and creamy. The burrata cheese is the star of the show, and the peaches and tomatoes add a touch of … Read more
  • White and Blue Summer Tablescape
    Blue and white is a classic color combination that has been popular for centuries. It is often associated with the sea, sky, and purity, and it can create a sense of elegance and sophistication. Blue and white table decor can be used to create a variety of different looks, from formal to casual. Start with … Read more
  • Hydrangeas
    We love hydrangeas; they are one of our favorite flowers. It was one of our grandma’s favorite too; maybe that’s why we like them so much. It reminds us of her!! They are so simple yet have a significant presence with their large flowerhead. They always stand out, whether it is an all hydrangea arrangement … Read more

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