Flower Arrangement

Dianthus Arrangment

How stunning is this shade of Dianthus!? We love this flower because it has an extraordinarily long vase life. It’s a great one to add to your home decor. They come in many colors and textures, so there is one for every taste. You can easily find them in your grocery store.They are simple flowers,…

Three Vases Holiday Season Flower Arrangement

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we love flowers and flower arranging. Fresh flowers add color and bring life to any Home Decor!!! If you feel intimidated by creating a flower arrangement at home, this three-vase arrangement might be a great start! This arrangement is a no-fail, and you will…

Pink Orchid Arrangement

We pretty much always have an orchid arrangement in our homes; it’s definitely one of our favorites. They are an all-season decor, tend to last for months, and they instantly cheer up any room.

It’s SO simple to assemble an orchid arrangement like this one! All you need is a large vessel, 4 to 6 orchids (grocery stores carry them all year round), and moss as the final touch! Head over to our youtube channel for a tutorial video.

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Moss to finish it up 

All Yellow Rose and Alstroemeria Flower Arrangement!

Sunshine Color! Brighten up your table decor or room with yellow blooms! Roses and alstroemeria flowers pair well together and are both super easy to find – your local grocery store will most likely carry them.
This arrangement is so simple to put together; start by removing all the leaves (especially those that may fall below the water level), cut all the stems at the same height, and finally arrange them inside the vase.