Savory and Sweet Valentine’s Day Board

Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few weeks! Whether you are celebrating with your significant other, kids, family, girlfriends, or by yourself, here is a cheese board inspiration. Perfect for a gathering or a night in!!

Start with the board! We love a white cheeseboard for the occasion; they look more feminine and make the strawberries and macarons pop. This one is a pottery charcuterie platter from Dresden & Company and is about 14″ wide. You can find a similar one here and more on the bottom of the page under “Shop The Post.”

Next comes the cheeses!! For this board, we selected Manchego, Brie, St. Agur Blue Cheese, and heart-shaped Swiss Cheese (this one was mainly for decoration purposes). However, feel free to choose your and your guests’ favorites -the sky is the limit!! For most people, due to the wide variety, selecting cheese can be a little overwhelming. We sliced the manchego to give more dimension to the board and kept the brie and blue cheese in their original form. For the heart-shaped swiss, use a mini cookie cutter (1.5″) to cut through it (we used the regular sliced swiss cheese).

Crackers!! We love the original crisps from 34 Crisps. They are so thin yet so crunchy and pair so well with so many different types of cheese. Plus, as a bonus, they are lower in calories than most crackers. The other must-have crackers that we always have on our boards are the Lesley Stowe ones. They are so savory and look beautiful! They have a variety of flavors, and they are all so delicious. Both brands you can find at most grocery stores.

Condiment! We kept this board simple and only added honey. Is there anything better than a small bite of brie on a cracker and topped with honey? It’s so simple but so tasty! One of my favorite combinations.

Fruits! Strawberries are the most “Valentiney” fruit; don’t you agree!? We couldn’t leave them out. They pair so well with the brie and honey.

Nuts! We are absolutely obsessed with truffled almond nuts. They are divine and one of those foods that you can’t stop eating. We also love how their color complements the board’s color scheme.

Sweets! After all, it is a savory and sweet board, and it is a valentine-inspired cheeseboard. To me, macaroons are a good idea, anytime, anywhere, and at any season. They are one of my favorite desserts. I also love their shape and the different colors available. Valentines is not complete without chocolate!! These Godiva heart-shaped ones are the perfect addition to the board.

Lastly, garnish with rosemary for a little pop of green!! So easy and super quick to put together! Happy Valentine’s Day! Lots of love!!!


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