Galentine’s Day Party

You and your friends deserve a few hours of fun, right?? This February 13th, make your closest friends feel special by throwing a Galentine’s Day party!!! This informal soiree should be casual and stress-free. The trick is to prepare everything beforehand and keep it low-key. The point is to have fun and relax!!!!

1- Decor and set-up:

Don’t stress over every detail! There is no need to re-create a florist flower arrangement; just get a few flower stems at the grocery store and put them in a vase. This will be enough décor for your get-together.

Parties always end in the kitchen, right? So, let’s start there too!! Set-up the food and drinks on your kitchen island. Don’t have one? A kitchen table can fill in as an alternative, or you can bring the party to your living room and set the food up on the coffee table.

2- Food:

Don’t make things complicated! This event is more about socializing than trying to show all your cooking skills (we are sure you have lots….but save it for another gathering). Take advantage of the great selection of cheese, meat, nuts, and dips at grocery stores and create a charcuterie board. Better to focus on finger food that doesn’t require utensils.

If you still feel like creating something that looks fancier but requires just a few steps, you can try our Goat Cheese Balls, and why not a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad. They take a minute (ok…maybe a few minutes) to make, and your friends will love it.

For the sweet eaters, you can buy a pre-made dessert or make some of our favorite desserts:

They are all very easy to prepare and require zero cooking skills!!!!

3- Drink

Water, white wine, red wine, and champagne should be enough! Leave it on a big bucket full of ice so the guests will feel comfortable helping themselves. But if you want to go a little bit over, have vodka, rum tequila, and a couple of fruits and let the girls create their own drinks.

4- Vibe

This event should be a release of all the stress from your busy lives. Have some music playing in the background for an ambiance. In the end, this get-together is meant not only for your guests to relax and have fun, but you also deserve it.

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