Green and White Flower Arrangement

Flower Arranging can be a little overwhelming for most people, especially if you mix different types of flowers and colors. This one is though super simple and easy to follow. We used small white ivory hydrangeas, ivory roses, and green hypericum berries, all of which can be found year-round.

The first step is to fill the vases with room temperature water; add warm water if the flower buds are tight and you want to help them open up faster. Don’t forget to add flower food to your vase water (they usually come with the flowers when you purchase them at grocery stores)! It will help slow down bacterial growth.

When trimming the stems, make sure to do it at an angle. Doing this ensures that the flowers will absorb plenty of water and nutrients. Remove all the leaves from the stems, make sure there are no leaves below the waterline. Start with the roses, slowly and gently, remove the guard petals that are wilted and/or have black edges.

Next, if you want the blooms to open up, gently blow onto them. Place three roses in the vase.

Next comes the green berries; place one on each side of the roses (don’t forget to remove all the leaves from the stem). Hypericum Berries make great fillers to any arrangement, and they also give texture and volume.
The following step is to add the hydrangeas to each side of the berries. Keep repeating this pattern until you have filled your entire vase. Refer to the video below. Happy Arranging!


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