Elegant table décor for the Holiday Season

Creating a stylish table setting for family and friends is probably one of our favorite things to do during the holiday season. Whether you are hosting a holiday dinner or hosting just you and your immediate family, don’t overlook your dinner table. A beautiful table setting will set the ambiance of the evening.

The elegant mix of orange, green, and deep purple was our color choice. It’s a beautiful color palette that adds sophistication to the décor.  We selected cream and green dinnerware for an extra charm to the table. If you don’t have dinnerware with green accents, don’t worry! This table would have looked as beautiful if we had used white plain plates. 

To enhance the appearance of your Holiday table, don’t forget the candles! While white or ivory taper candles are always a classic choice, we also love to add colorful candles on the table for an easy way to add a pop of color. We chose the warm amber taper candles for this setting to bring a glow and coziness to the table. 

One tip is to consider using unscented or lightly scented candles when adding them to your table. The objective here is to create ambiance and not fragrance. You don’t want the candles to overpower the aroma from the meal.   

The centerpiece is filled with roses, waxflowers, safari sunset, hypericum, alstroemeria, poms, and mini calla-lilies. If you don’t master a flower arrangement, you can simply combine alstroemerias and roses or even select just one flower. All you have to do is cut all the stems at the same height and add to a glass container. A brass bowl of clementines would also be a great option in this setting. Do what works for you and with what you have at home!

The clementines and the calla lilies brought a pop of color to each set!

The most important tip to create your table décor is to remember that the table set doesn’t have to be over the top to make a statement. Set the table with care, and your family and friends will certainly feel the love! Happy Holidays!

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