Three Vases Holiday Season Flower Arrangement

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we love flowers and flower arranging. Fresh flowers add color and bring life to any Home Decor!!!

If you feel intimidated by creating a flower arrangement at home, this three-vase arrangement might be a great start! This arrangement is a no-fail, and you will love it. It has a balance of simplicity and visual impact. The three different heights play a role in creating an impactful floral arrangement with minimum effort.

All you need is three glasses vases of different heights (these range from 15 inches to 9 inches), two varieties of flowers in the same color, and some foliage!  We love the traditional red and green for the Holiday season, so we stick to this color combo here. We chose to work with red alstroemerias (18 stems) and red roses (12 stems). This arrangement would also look beautiful with amaryllis or red lilies.

The first step is to fill the vases with room temperature water; unless the flower buds are tight and you want to help them open up faster, you add warm water. Don’t forget to add flower food to your vase water (they usually come with the flowers when you purchase them at grocery stores)! It will help slow down bacterial growth.

This is a loose arrangement, so all you gotta do is to keep your flower stems long and just give them a little trim as needed. When trimming the stems, make sure to do it at an angle. Doing this ensures that the flowers will be able to absorb plenty of water and nutrients. 

We prefer starting with the highest vase as this will dictate how high the other arrangements should be. Add the first set of flowers to the vase and tip them over. Make sure that there are no leaves below the waterline. Follow the same step with the foliage and the roses.  That’s it!!! It is just three vases with flowers leaning on them! It can’t get any easier than that.

Watch the video here for the step by step.


Tallest Vase (16″)
Medium Vase (10″)
Smallest Vase (8″)

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